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April 12, 2008


Betsy MIller Carlile

I loved reading this post... It just make me laugh out loud several times. I can just hear your voice talking with all your personal inflections as I read. Thanks- and cute kids in those ALOHA clothes. That son of your looks like a FUN kid!

Cherolyn Rowland

Hey Fashion!!!!
I must admit I envy your extravagant life! You speak two languages and have lived in different parts of the world. It looks very exciting to the girl that is raising her kids in her very own home town. It's great that I get to be by family and it is beautiful here but sometimes I think we could all use a challenge or a change of people and scenery. I think when you move around a lot you become strong as a family unit because you rely more on your immediate family than your friends. I see that in my sister's family. They are moving to London this fall and they have only been in Connecticut for 3 years or so. Japan, Indonesia and Singapore before that. When they were here this Christmas I asked their 16 year old and 14 year old daughters how they felt about the move and they both responded "Excited!" They have the two older daughters and a brother sister and 6 year old brother at the tail end. All of them are excited except for the 12 year old boy. He is upset because recently he has become very involved in Football and they don't play it at the schools in London.
Anyways - I just think you have it all! And your kids are darling!

Andrea Black

Hey Fashion, Meggan gave me your web address. Your kids are so cute and I'm so glad you're doing well. It looks like a lot of fun (especially the weather being so much better than Indiana- today it's a wopping 48 degrees)Keep in touch--my blog address (Meggan got me started on that too) circusringleader.blogspot.com I must go have a kid related cheeto and makeup emergency (I'll explain later)

Aby Runyan

Lorenzo is a STUD! And he has a very studly name to-boot.
Your kids remind me SO much of you Fash that it just about kills me.
luvs, aby


did you purposely pop his collar?

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