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April 23, 2008



You always look gorgeous! I can always use some tips- so tip away!! LOL!



the legacy continues....

Corrie Alonso

LOL! yes, we love you and remember you for your "fashion" tips, but it's so much more then that...i can't quite describe what it is other then to say it's your overall presence that is so beautiful inside and out!


You are hilarious. I remember the makeover you did on my before I went out with that guy I liked in college named Jared. Didn't win me the guy, but I barely recognized myself in the mirror I looked so hot! I got a haircut from a fancy French salon yesterday, and I think it's really hip, but I'm so not good at being hip. I'll try the bronzer trick and see if hip fits me better. And speaking of French, I'd try some decolletage . . .if only I had something to show!

Stacie Smith

Embrace it! You've got a wonderful talent that has helped us all one time or another.

Aby Runyan

Cooky girl! What I want to know is how you are so dang skinny after having 3 kids, 2 of those TWINS. What's the secret Fash?? I'm sure it's something like eating right and excercising all the time. Darn.
luvs, aby
PS - I put on makeup EVERY day. Partly for me, and partly because I fear I may make everybody around me sick if they have to witness me makeupless. I can be quite a scary sight.

Stacie Smith

You need to change the word vain to self worth... isn't that one of the YW values?

Drew Packham

Thanks for the tip Fashion. THAT is why I have your site bookmarked.

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