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June 06, 2008



i think it was Terra that taught me to never point out the imperfections because 9 times out of 10 people will never notice them had you not said anything. I still dont love the shirt, but if you like it you should wear it, I am just not a fan of cap sleeve because i think it makes everyones arms look fat.
Luciana looks sooooo cute, cant wait to see her in september when you come up right?


Ashley Hoopes

Hey, your family is so cute! Your little one is a doll. How is life? Are you going to be in Utah at all this year? I would love to see you.


Those are pretty fancy costumes. I love the pictures, sometimes they are better when no one is cooperating. I had four children in my care today and I don't know how you do it. Babies are really hard work.

sarah Hull

Fashion you could have a bright red stripe across your face and still be a super model! Your kids are beyond darling and those outfits are fantastic! Please, please tell me where you got the matching dresses and shirt? I need something like that for holidays with my kids.
You all are gorgeous!


Your posts alwasy, ALWAYS, bring me so much JOY!! Your Luciana is darling and I loved the unhappy son/sun picture. That's histerical! Have a great day!!


Hey Fashion! I was looking at the Hoopes blog and saw you listed in her friends, I just wanted to say hi! Your kids are beautiful! you look like you have your hands full with those twins...LOL!

Stacie Smith

You could always have me photograph your family... I'm working on a travel scheme. If your interested, let me know.

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