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September 06, 2008



So, I just got all the photo catchups... you kids are so cute and your Emilia - She is girly. That photo of her staring at her princess cake is priceless... Anyway, I wanted to tell you quickly, and this might warrant a phone call.. I was visiting So Cal, attended the NEW Los Al/Seal Beach ward and Chad's wife was there! It was CRAZY!! It was also really neat and spiritual, but anyway, she thanked me for helping him get into the church and I was quick to tell her that there was a group of us that really did it... So - It make me think of you. I hope all is well. I thought the horse outfits were cute too. Did you make those? If so, I'm totally impressed. Also, I agree with teh character through. Life is so much better when we balance spiritual with seculary, mental with physical, etc. Have a great day! Betsy


P.S. Should have proof read that better. Sorry for so much not really making sense :)

sarah Hull

I love your new goals. I especially love the idea of setting character goals. I need to do more of that. You are as gorgeous as ever and your children are beautiful! Let us know what you learn from those parenting books. I am always too afraid to read them in fear that I am doing everything wrong!

Cherolyn Rowland

Fashion I was so happy to see that you have new posts. I can't believe they are taking tennis? They are so young. How do they like it? All three of your kids are gorgeous. I like what you said about the diet and self improvement. It seems that I spend too much time thinking about that too.


Oh, they are so cute. Who did Emilia's hair for the birthday party? That is really impressive.


Oh, they are so cute. Who did Emilia's hair for the birthday party? That is really impressive.

Ashley Hoopes

Hey Fashion,

Loved your post. Your children are beyond beautiful. I know what you mean about living vicariously through your kids. I think that I want my kids to be exposed to every opportunity/sport/class/etc.. because I was not. They would probably be content just jumping on the trampoline in the back yard every day.

Oh, and as for parenting books- you are good. I HAVE five, and have not cracked one open in years. Once in a while I think "I wonder if Garrett is doing the things that he is supposed to at his age" but really, does it matter? I would be happy if he didn't walk till he was two. Considering that Dalton and Shelby took off running at ten months.

Happy that you had that realization about your body. We do waste so much energy on that stuff. It will make a world of difference for your daughters to have a mom who loves and accepts her body. They will have so much self esteem about their own bodies because of you. I hated my little almond eyes. And wouldn't you know it- all three of my kids get em. And so, because I love the eyes on them, I have learned to love them on myself.

Miss you! Let me know if you are coming up any time soon.

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